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Reel Talk, whose title is derived from the slang term Real Talk, which means “the truth, something that actually means what is it, or the truth of the matter” is a group therapy formatted program that uses cinematherapy as an intervention with Black male adolescents. Reel Talk is a program that looks to change thought patterns and enhance introspection among Black adolescent males as well as give these males a forum to process their feelings without the stigma of “therapy” being attached to the session, with movies being the vehicle that is used to complete this task. 


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Dr. Jamaal Scott

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Dr. Jamaal Scott

Males and African Americans represent two groups that traditionally shy away from counseling as a means of problem solving, therefore it was imperative to develop a method of intervention that is both effective and engaging for this population. Black adolescent males, particularly those living in an urban environment, represent a group that is vulnerable to a high degree of mental health problems.

Being that there are few interventions that have been found to be successful with Black males, it was necessary to develop an effective therapeutic tool that can be used in treatment with this population. 

My goal was to ensure that young Black men not only feel comfortable discussing their mental health, but that they also become more receptive to the appropriate services that improve and maintain their mental health. 

The literature indicates that both cinematherapy and group therapy are effective separately. Therefore, there is a high likelihood that these interventions would be effective collectively. 

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This is for in-person facilitated groups at your school, facility or organization.


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Let's talk about how to integrate Reel Talk into your organization.


Training Workshops

We also conduct in-person trainings for organizations who want their staff trained on how to facilitate Reel Talk sessions.

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