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About Our Founder

Dr. Jamaal P. Scott

Growing up in Queens, New York, Dr. Scott has always been a fan of hip-hop music and movies, but he had no idea that these interests would heavily influence his professional career. After graduating with a BA in Psychology from Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, he then transitioned to Wright State University’s School of Professional Psychology, located in Dayton, Ohio. 

It was during this time period that he saw the impact of media on the adolescents that he worked with and wondered if there was a way to utilize media for therapeutic gain. After doing research and discovering the theoretical underpinnings of cinematherapy, he noticed that there was no specific curriculum utilizing this intervention for people of color, especially adolescent Black males. His desire to fill this gap also became his dissertation topic and the early stages of Reel Talk were born. 

After graduating with his doctorate in 2010, his professional pursuits have taken him from Dayton, Ohio all the way to Guam, doing Reel Talk groups whenever the opportunity presented itself. He previously was a Staff Psychologist for the North Carolina Department of Public Safety in their Juvenile Justice Division for seven years, facilitating Reel Talk groups with adjudicated youth.    

After returning to the U.S. from Guam in 2016, he now resides in Raleigh, North Carolina with his beautiful wife, Dr. Erinn J. Scott and their precious daughter Michaela. 

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